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Serving Greater Houston
Outdoor Wood Care Tips

Summer's almost here! Hard to believe, isn't it? It seems like it was just yesterday we were planning our very own Houston "snow day." But now that the sun's out, the temps are warming up, and the grass is starting to grow back, Summer's definitely not far off. Despite the heat, most of us in Houston look forward to Summer and all our outdoor events, pool parties, barbecues, and time in the sun. But while we may enjoy getting tans and lying out near the water, our decks don't react so enthusiastically to soaking up the sun.


At AA Professional Services Group, we like helping Houstonians celebrate Summer. If your deck or other outdoor woodwork has suffered from the sun’s unforgiving rays and the endless humidity we experience every year, give us a call. We can re-build your deck and help you keep it protected in Summers to come. Schedule your free consultation today!  Let us build the deck of your dreams!

Fill out the form below to download our Outdoor Wood Care Tips and get invaluable tips for protecting your deck, outdoor furniture, & more from the elements!


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